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Fill in our online form and get a free valuation of your luxury item from our expert evaluators.


We will provide you with an accurate estimate of your luxury asset, based on its actual value.


If you are satisfied with our valuation, we will pay you via your preferred method of payment immediately.

Sell your Penny Preville Jewellery


If you are looking to sell your old Penny Preville diamond ring in London, contact us at The Luxury Hut now. We will appraise your jewellery item and provide you with instant cash.


At The Luxury Hut, we are the pre-owned Penny Preville jewellery specialists with over 40 years of combined experience in this business. We have expert evaluators who can appraise any second hand Penny Preville jewellery that customers are interested in selling us.


We determine the best possible cash value of a designer piece based on the current market value. With The Luxury Hut, you can rest assured to get the fairest value of your used Penny Preville jewellery.


Sell Pre-owned Penny Preville Diamond Ring at The Luxury Hut


Whether you want to sell a Penny Preville Floral bridal ring or sell Penny Preville Amulet earrings, turn to our experts. The Luxury Hut is the best place to sell your Penny Preville jewellery piece with confidence and get a fair value immediately.


As the second hand market specialists, we always keep track of the changing market rates. When you bring your pre-owned Penny Preville engagement ring at The Luxury Hut, our expert team will carry out an accurate valuation process.


We will consider several factors, including condition, age, material and weight of your item. We may even look at the accompanying paperwork, receipts or original brand certificate in order to estimate the best possible value of your jewellery piece. You will get an offer. If you agree to it, we will pay your cash instantly.




The Luxury Hut buys all types of Penny Preville Jewellery, including:

  • Penny Preville rings
  • Penny Preville earrings
  • Penny Preville bracelets
  • Penny Preville necklaces
  • Penny Preville cuffs
  • Penny Preville bridal rings.


You may wish to sell a Penny Preville Scalloped bangle that you have purchased six months ago. Or, you want to sell an old Penny Preville Classic stud earrings that you no longer use and raise some quick cash. Use our professional service and sell any pre-owned Penny Preville jewellery to The Luxury Hut in an easy and hassle-free way.

Get an Accurate Value of your Penny Preville Wedding Band Now

We can appraise your second hand Penny Preville ring over the phone immediately – call one of our experts on 0207 242 5411 or email and provide us with as much information as you have.


You can also opt for our instant free quote service by filling in our ‘Get a Quote’ form. After you submit it, we will contact you soon with an estimate. If you are happy with our quote, you can send your item via post. We will pay your cash via a secure payment method (whichever you prefer) immediately.


The Luxury Hut is the most trusted online second hand jewellery buyers. We aim to lend the best prices for any pre-owned Penny Preville jewellery items that we buy.


You can call us to arrange an appointment and visit us at our Hatton Garden office (by appointment) along with your precious item.


Our experienced evaluators are always available to guide you with expert advice and appraise your item. We will carry out a perfect valuation, confirming all the details provided and give you an offer. Once you accept it, we will pay you on the spot.

Penny Preville Collections We Buy

  • Penny Preville Amulet earrings
  • Penny Preville Amulet band
  • Penny Preville Amulet bangle
  • Penny Preville Amulet pendant
  • Penny Preville Amulet necklace
  • Penny Preville Amulet ring
  • Penny Preville Classic bangle
  • Penny Preville Classic earrings
  • Penny Preville Classic pendant
  • Penny Preville Classic necklace
  • Penny Preville Classic chain
  • Penny Preville Classic ring
  • Penny Preville Art Deco bangle
  • Penny Preville Art Deco earrings
  • Penny Preville Art Deco pendant
  • Penny Preville Art Deco necklace
  • Penny Preville Art Deco ring
  • Penny Preville En Pointe cuff
  • Penny Preville En Pointe bangle
  • Penny Preville En Pointe earrings
  • Penny Preville En Pointe necklace
  • Penny Preville En Pointe ring
  • Penny Preville Journey bracelet
  • Penny Preville Journey earrings
  • Penny Preville Journey necklace
  • Penny Preville Moderne bangle
  • Penny Preville Moderne ring
  • Penny Preville Moderne pendant
  • Penny Preville Moderne earrings
  • Penny Preville Moderne necklace
  • Penny Preville Pearl bangle
  • Penny Preville Pearl earrings
  • Penny Preville Pearl chain
  • Penny Preville Pearl necklace
  • Penny Preville Rock Stud bangle
  • Penny Preville Rock Stud earrings
  • Penny Preville Rock Stud necklace
  • Penny Preville Rock Stud choker
  • Penny Preville Rock Stud ring
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden bangle
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden bracelet
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden pendant
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden earrings
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden studs
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden necklace
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden chain
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden band
  • Penny Preville Secret Garden ring
  • Penny Preville Stardust bangle
  • Penny Preville Stardust earrings
  • Penny Preville Stardust ring
  • Penny Preville Stardust bracelet
  • Penny Preville Stardust cuff
  • Penny Preville Stardust necklace
  • Penny Preville True Blue bangle
  • Penny Preville True Blue earrings
  • Penny Preville True Blue necklace
  • Penny Preville True Blue Aquamarine ring.


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