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Fill in our online form and get a free valuation of your luxury item from our expert evaluators.


We will provide you with an accurate estimate of your luxury asset, based on its actual value.


If you are satisfied with our valuation, we will pay you via your preferred method of payment immediately.

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Fill in our online form and get a free valuation of your luxury item from our expert evaluators.


We will provide you with an accurate estimate of your luxury asset, based on its actual value.


If you are satisfied with our valuation, we will pay you via your preferred method of payment immediately.

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If you want to sell an old Breitling watch for cash, get in touch with us at The Luxury Hut today. We offer no obligation valuation and instant cash without any hassle.


The name ‘Breitling’ is synonymous with luxury watch-making excellence and the brand has manufactured chronographs for different sectors including aeronautics and sports. With excellent precision and sophisticated craftsmanship, Breitling watches tend to retain a buoyant value in the resale market.


Whether you want to sell a Breitling watch online or via appointment, The Luxury Hut is the best place to sell Breitling watches in a fast and secure way.


As one of the trusted watch buyers in the second-hand watch market, we work to make the process of selling very simple and straightforward for our customers.


Contact one of our experts at The Luxury Hut now and sell your Breitling watch with full confidence.







At The Luxury Hut, we buy all models of Breitling watches, including:


  • COLT


You may want to sell a Breitling Avenger or sell a Breitling Chronomat in London. We, at The Luxury Hut, will buy your luxury watch at the most competitive price.

Where can I sell my pre-owned Breitling watch?

Breitling is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury watches that has enjoyed many successful and significant moments in the history of watch-making since its inception in 1884. These watches became the absolute choice of pilots all across the world for precise timekeeping. With its expansion in different sectors like aeronautics, sports, diving and gaining the COSC certification for all its timepieces, Breitling has become the sought after watches all over the world.


Known as the ‘Instruments for Professionals’, Breitling is among the few luxury brands that retain a significant portion of its value over the time. Thus, if you are looking to sell a Breitling watch in London, our online form is the way to begin the process.


With extensive experience and knowledge of all luxury second hand watches, we at The Luxury Hut buy all types of Breitling timepieces, of both men and women for the most competitive prices.


For those who are interested in selling their second hand Breitling watch to The Luxury Hut may:


Fill up our online form or call us on 0207 242 5411 to know more about our service or to step up the next steps.

Sell Your Pre-owned Breitling Watch for Cash

Founded in 1884, Breitling has instituted itself as an imperative brand for worldwide watch enthusiasts with its novel approach and leading spirit.


Here at The Luxury Hut, we provide a simple, fast and transparent service, allowing you to acquire the most accurate value for your pre-owned luxury watch. If you are wondering:


‘Where can I sell my Breitling watch? Or, ‘Which is the best place to sell an old Breitling watch for cash?’ the one answer should be – at The Luxury Hut.


To obtain a price quote for your used luxury watch, complete our online form to get started with the process. Make sure, you provide us with details of your watch as much as you can, including its condition, photos, box and papers (if you have). We will assess all these aspects to determine the price that you expect to obtain for your luxury timepiece.


As the most trusted watch buyer in this industry, The Luxury Hut purchases only authenticated and genuine Breitling watches.


You can also arrange an appointment to bring in your luxury watch at our office for a professional valuation. Our in-house watch specialists will inspect your asset closely, considering the details provided and the current market price before making a final offer.

Get the Best Value for your second hand Breitling watch

A prestigious brand like Breitling is committed to the development and manufacturing of high-end technologically updated and durable chronographs. But, when you wear a watch every day, it may suffer from any damage and even the slightest abrasion may affect its value.


Keeping your used Breitling watch in its box may prevent it from scratches, corrosion or any other damage, thereby helping you to acquire the best price possible without any cutback in its resale value.


What’s more?


Servicing your Breitling watch on a regular basis and keeping its entire links along with service receipts are prerequisites when it comes to selling your timepiece.


With the original box and documents of your pre-owned Breitling watch (if still in possession), you can expect to secure the highest price possible for your luxury asset when selling it to us at The Luxury Hut.

Sell your Breitling to The Luxury Hut Now

With many years of experience and unique insight into the second hand market conditions, The Luxury Hut always work to provide its valuable customers with the fairest price possible in the market for their luxury watch.


Get started by filling up our online form, providing all of the known details of your Breitling watch. The more information you can give us when selling your used Breitling watch, the better. We will offer you an initial valuation shortly after at no cost to you, based on the details you provided and the current market value.


To get a final offer, bring in your luxury watch or send it to us at our office for an in-depth assessment. We will pay you in cash or via your preferred method of payment.


With The Luxury Hut, you can rest assured regarding the safety of your luxury watch. Our process of selling is simple, fast and transparent. Should you want to know more about our service or have any question on our selling process, contact us on 0207 242 5411 or email at for immediate help.


We have 40 years’ experience in the watch and jewellery industry, and all of our experts are highly trained, knowledgeable and amongst the top in the industry.


With an established name and presence online, as well as a reassuring Hatton Garden, London office we offer you security and a peace of mind that you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company.

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